NOMAD Laboratory

Integration with other databases

The NOMAD Repository and Archive contains data from other well-known materials databases

Materials science databases for theoretical calculated data provide property information for a wide range of materials based on high-troughput calculations. While these database focus on proving elaborated property information, they are not tailored to provide the underlying raw data, e.g. for custom analysis. NOMAD cooperates with these databases to provide this raw data to the community with all amenities and functions like the NOMAD Archive, NOMAD Encyclopedia and NOMAD Analytics (AI) Toolkit. If you are interested in the data of a particular database, our graphical user-interface provides a filter for uploader and external databases.

Materials Project

NOMAD has now intensified its collaboration with the Materials Project (MP) in terms of data provision. Selected MP raw data (input and output files behind the MP materials data), had been available already in the NOMAD Repository and Archive. In a joint effort, the data ingestion from MP to NOMAD has been recently automatized. All the MP raw data can be directly downloaded now also from the MP webpage via a direct link to NOMAD. We thank Kristin Persson and Patrick Huck for the efficient collaboration.


NOMAD continuously imports the raw data that AFLOW is providing for public use. Furthermore, the NOMAD Archive includes AFLOW prototype information about the representative system of a code-run when available.


NOMAD contains OQMD data from a previous bulk-upload provided by Chris Wolverton et al. We are currently establishing a permanent data pipeline to offer new OQMD raw data as soon as possible.